Steve Yohay

By day, Steve Yohay is a partner in a large international law firm. But since age 8, he has been playing piano and keyboards. Growing up in the New York City metropolitan area, Steve had the good fortune to attend the Preparatory Division of the Julliard School of music, studying piano and music theory. Julliard taught Steve  that there were far too many really talented musicians than he wanted to compete with.  Steve decided to make a living practicing law, and to try and stay sane by continuing to play music for pleasure. Over the years, he has played with BBB and its predecessor band, "Don't Ask," and has played countless "society" gigs such as weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. He has also served as music director for several community theater productions, and spent many hours happily accompanying his now grown daughter, who is a violinist and singer. He is ever-grateful that he plays music by choice and love, and not as an obligation.